Solar Shield Protection®

Indoor & Outdoor UV

Fabric Protection

Anti-Aging fabric spray that stops “Sun Fading” and soiling on indoor/outdoor fabrics.

Solar Shield Protection

Solar Shield Protection®

Carpet and Fabric Protection Spray 


Solar Shield Protection® offers the ultimate in peace of mind when it comes to protecting many types of textiles including boat upholstery, auto upholstery, and patio fabric.  Solar Shield Protection® spray works! 

Indoor/Outdoor UV Fabric Protection


Auto Upholstery

It couldn’t be easier to protect auto upholstery fabric and carpeting with Solar Shield Protection®.  It’s unique solvent-based, micro-polymer formula begins working in a single application.  

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Boat Upholstery

The coating Solar Shield Protection® provides allows boat fabric to dry faster when the weather clears allowing for quicker storage.  Simple to use and begins protecting your boat interior in one application.

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Patio Furniture

Solar Shield Protection® is the key to preserving the life of outdoor fabric. It helps stop fading caused by the sun, stains caused by spills, and provides water resistance on a variety of patio fabrics.

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Fabric / Furniture

72 hours after Solar Shield Protection® is sprayed on patio furniture fabric, complete U.V. protection, stain and water resistance are in place. Within 4 hours of application, the outdoor fabric is dry to the touch. 

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Solar Shield Protection

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Ray & Rain Repellant® is a unique solvent-based micro-polymer chemical that imparts a durable, invisible protective coating specifically to waterproof outdoor fabrics and prevent fading colors.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Does Solar Shield Protection Spray Truly Work?

It works! Chemists and chemical engineers have spent more than 6 years perfecting the Solar Shield Protection® formula. The UV fabric protection, weatherproofing, and stain resistance Solar Shield offers is proven. This fabric guard product is so unique that it has even been granted 2 United States patents and 3 foreign patents.

How long does Solar Shield Protection last?

For best results, Solar Shield fabric protection spray should be applied once a year. When used on fabric to guard items such as boat upholstery fabric, car interiors and indoor/outdoor furniture, these textiles will last much longer and maintain their original color when Solar Shield Protection® is applied annually.

How does Solar Shield Protection "significantly" improve fabric?

“Significantly” means that there is a tremendous improvement when Solar Shield Protection® is applied to fabrics that are particularly prone to fading and staining. We’ve put many of these “problem” fabrics to the test! We took fabrics that don’t last long—the ones that easily fade and stain—and treated them with Solar Shield Protection®. After extensive testing, we discovered that the samples treated with Solar Shield had UV fabric protection and weatherproof barriers. Solar Shield Protection® made even the most troublesome, undesirable fabric into something really worth having.

How should Solar Shield Protection be applied?

• When using Solar Shield Protection®, spread the fabric out as flat as possible.
• Put Solar Shield Protection® in an ALL-PLASTIC SPRAYER.
• Adjust the spray nozzle so it pumps out a fine mist.
• Apply the fabric protection spray evenly, lightly, and rapidly.
• Allow to air-dry 24 hours.
• Repeat above steps. Applying two lighter coats of the fabric spray is more effective than applying one thick coat.
• One gallon of Solar Shield Protection® will provide protect against stains and form a weatherproof fabric barrier for approximately 2,500 sq. ft. of medium-weight material.

What should users know before applying Solar Shield Protection Spray?

1) The Solar Shield fabric protection spray should be tested on an inconspicuous area of fabric before total treatment is applied. To do this, wet the corner of a white towel with Solar Shield fabric guard and gently wipe it onto the fabric. Because not all textiles are color-fast, make sure that color from the fabric does not come off onto the towel. If it doesn’t, Solar Shield Protection® should work very well on the fabric. If a little color comes off onto the towel, it may still be fine to treat, but do so very lightly. If a lot of color bleeds from the fabric, you should probably not treat it.

2) Solar Shield Protection® is safe, but use this product carefully. Do not drink it. Do not spray it near a fire or open flame. Use rubber gloves when using the product. Apply it only in a well-ventilated area. If the product comes into contact with hands or eyes, wash it off with mild soap and warm water before it dries.

3) Solar Shield Protection® is to be used on fabric only. If “over spray” comes into contact with other objects, wipe it off before it dries. If the product does dry on objects other than fabric, apply odorless mineral spirits to the area with a towel, which will remove the excess. If the product dries on glass, use the same procedure and then clean with glass cleaner.

Does temperature and dampness matter when applying Solar Shield Protection and how long does it take to dry?

Under ideal conditions (74F. and low humidity) The Solar Shield Protection® will dry to the touch in 2-4 hours.  Lower temperatures and higher humidity will retard the drying time.  The product will fully cure in 72 hours and provide maximum protection.

What problems could occur when applying Solar Shield Protection?

• Over-spray that dries on surrounding objects. If this happens, wipe the area with mineral spirits.
• Over-spray on plants or grass. The plants or grass will probably perish but the ground will not be permanently damaged. If over-spray happens, hose the affected area with water.
• Over-spray on shrubs or trees. They may lose a few leaves but will most-likely be okay. If over-spray happens, hose the affected area with water.
• Over-spray on a pet or child. If over-spray happens, bathe the pet or child in warm, soapy water before the product dries.
• Someone drinks the product. SEEK MEDICAL HELP IMMEDIATELY.

Where should other questions about Solar Shield Protection be directed?

Visit our Contact Us page. Email or call us. We will find the answer you need as soon as possible!

Can Solar Shield Protection be sprayed on an auto cover, tent, tarp or sporting bag?

Solar Shield Protection® can be applied to those items but is too gentle for those types of fabrics. To weatherproof fabric and achieve U.V. fabric protection on those types of materials, visit Among other things, Solar Shield Protection® is best for materials such as boat upholstery fabric, auto upholstery, and patio fabric. This product can also be used for drapes, carpets, and more.

Since one gallon of Solar Shield Protection covers 2,500 square feet, how many items can be covered with a gallon?

One gallon of Solar Shield Protection® will cover 2,500 square feet. A piece of material that is 12 inches by 12 inches is one square foot. One gallon of this fabric protection spray will cover four car interiors, including the floor mats and trunk. It will cover most of, if not all, of the boat upholstery fabric in a houseboat, including the carpet. One gallon of Solar Shield fabric guard spray will also cover two couches, four chairs, two ottomans and several pillows of a patio set. Basically, a little Solar Shield Protection®goes a long way!

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