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“The Best Protection Under the Sun, Solar Shield Protection® for unsurpassed auto upholstery protection

It couldn’t be easier to protect auto upholstery fabric and carpeting with Solar Shield Protection®.  It’s unique solvent-based, micro-polymer formula begins working in a single application.  The coating it offers contains sunscreen to resist fading and provides an invisible barrier for making car upholstery more durable and resistant to staining.  By eliminating fading caused by the sun and soiling caused by spills and wear and tear, Solar Shield Protection® is able to dramatically extend the life of your auto upholstery fabric.  

Solar Shield Protection® is simple to use because the product sprays on easily, is safe and non-toxic, and dries in about 4 hours.  Within 72 hours of application, it is totally bonded to the treated car upholstery and ultimate U.V. protection and stain resistance are in place. 

One gallon of Solar Shield Protection® goes a long way.  It covers about 2,500 square feet of medium weight fabric.  Moreover, a single application lasts for several years on car upholstery.

Solar Shield Protection® is not intended for use on vinyl * 


A single application will last for over a year.

“The Best Protection Under The Sun”

Solar Shield Protection® is so unique it has Been Granted…

United States Patents

And one Patent each in Japan, Australia and Canada

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