About Us


Sun & Soil, L.L.C. develops and distributes fabric protection products designed to prevent staining, fading, and weathering. Specializing in spray coatings, Sun & Soil’s formulas include U.V. resistant technology for use on soft coverings. The company launched in 2005 in response to consumer requests for an effective fabric stain protector and now boasts Solar Shield Protection®, Ray And Rain Repellant®, and Solar-Seal®. These products include more than three years of testing by an independent laboratory (Atlas Material Testing Technology) and five years of field testing.

Solar Shield Protection® is the perfect product to protect indoor/outdoor fabrics and carpet from fading, staining, and weathering. This fabric protector is ideal for car upholstery—including trunks and floor mats, boat interiors—including upholstery, drapes and carpet, and patio furniture fabric—including outdoor rugs or cushions. Consumers appreciate this product because it is safe, easy to use, and acts like an industrial “Scotchgard spray with sunscreen” for fabrics. Because of its distinction, Solar Shield Protection® has been given 2 United States patents and 2 foreign patents.

Ray And Rain Repellant® is the perfect product to protect textiles such as awnings, sporting bags, boat covers, flags, tents, umbrellas, and tarps. This product creates waterproofing, prevents fading caused by the sun. Because of its distinction, Ray And Rain Repellant® has also been granted a United States patent.

Solar-Seal® Protection is the perfect product to protect interior fabrics such as curtains, oriental rugs and carpets. Acting as a fabric stain protector, the Solar-Seal® formula offers an innovative treatment that protects fabrics from spots, spills and fading. The spray coating is an invisible, micro-emulsion formula. It is not water-based and can be safely applied to virtually all interior textiles.

The fabric stain protector and fade resistant technology created at Sun & Soil benefits both the fabric industry and consumers around the world. From a bolt of textile material for industrial use to a finely upholstered couch, Sun & Soil’s products are formulated to safeguard textiles from stains, fading, and weathering. Our goal is to protect our clients’ indoor and outdoor fabrics. Solar Shield Protection®, Ray And Rain Repellant®, and Solar-Seal® do just that.